Spirit of Place

"I have often felt a certain spirit around and in the homes and buildings that I have an affinity for. In "Howard's End" the family was drawn to their home in a magical way that often lasts generation to generation. Genius Loci is a Latin phrase that literally translates into Spirit of Place. It is a concept that comes to us from the early Classical thinkers who thought of it in terms of the special atmosphere of a particular building and how it can positively affect those in its midst.

The thought was to create an environment conducive to elevated thinking, moral clarity, and artistic achievement. It has been widely held throughout much of Western Civilization that lofty architecture does indeed contribute to a more educated populous, better art and an inspired citizenry. This concept is readily evidenced in everything from the Parthenon to the White House. Great leaders, artists and captains of industry have subscribed to the theory for eons.

Jefferson had Monticello, Tiffany had Laurelton Hall, Hearst had San Simeon, and communities all across this great land had inspirational edifices in their town square courthouses, libraries, post offices and churches. Virtually everywhere there are sterling examples of Genius Loci and each home that I devote myself to is not just a design job for me, but an experience in the creation of Spirit of Place."

-Don Brady

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